GCM Services
We offer a number of services designed to help meet the challenges faced by families and individuals here in our community.

Providing food to meet basic nutritional needs.

We provide emergency food for the elderly, the disabled, homeless, and the working poor with families during times when food is otherwise unavailable due to limited incomes. A 2 day supply is given to each member of the household every 28 days. Must apply in person M-Thurs. 9am-12:00pm. A picture ID and SS Card or SS Print-out required. Must show proof of income.

 USDA Food
GCM is a distributor for USDA food. Food is distributed 2 times a month. Call 352-372-8162 for the next distribution date. Must be a resident of Alachua County and have a photo ID.

Emergency clothing for individuals and families.

We provide clothing to families who have lost everything due to fire or other disaster. We also provide needed clothing for those who cannot afford to buy clothing due to financial crisis. Must call (372-8162) for appointment every Thursday at 10 am. Clothing is provided every 3 months as needed for those in the program. Must proof of income, SS Card, and photo ID.

GCM WORK PATH PROGRAM (Course Requirement in STEPS Program )
Teaches timeless biblical principles concerning work and the ways those principles are applied in the marketplace. Through this training, men and women develop character and become connected to a community of support to help them obtain far more than just a job. They experience life, a life filled with confidence, self-control, coaching, learning, and faith. Apply in person Monday-Thursday 9-12pm. Watch Video

Initial Security Deposits Currently Unavailable
We provide assistance to those who have jobs and can pay rent - but lack funds to pay the initial deposits on rental property. Rental must be within the city limits of Gainesville.   Due to limited funding this program is currently not available.

We have limited funds and can not assist everyone. Walk-ins are not accepted. Clients must call only one time. Call 352-372-8646 on Tuesday between 8 and 8:30 am to make an appointment. On message machine leave your Name, Phone Number, and Last Four Digits of SS#. Appointments are tightly scheduled in order to assist as many people as possible. We can not just squeeze you in because that would delay other people's appointments. Due to limited funding we can only offer this service to a client one time.

Assistance with replacement ID's. Must go to Holy Trinity Episcopal located at 100 NE 1st Street 352-372-4721 to receive a voucher to bring to GCM.  Vouchers are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

You must register with GCM in person Mon-Thurs 9am and 12pm. Must show proof of income, SS Card and photo ID. For information call 352-548-4806. Minimal fees for services based on income.


Eye evaluation and readers are provide to clients in need.

This service is for those who wish someone to talk with about their situation. Provided on Monday evenings 5pm-6:30pm. You can call 352-325-1775. Walk-ins welcome.

This services is provided on Tuesday evenings starting at 5:45pm. Walk-in Clinic. Patients must arrive at 5:45 to be seen. Location is: UF Health Family Medicine located at 410 NE Waldo Rd.

S.T.E.P.S. Strategies To Empower People for Success
This program helps willing clients to achieve a life of independence. Clients will meet with their STEPS Coach who will help them develop and maintain their personal "Action Plan" and set monthly goals with the client for self-improvement. Clients will take the Work Path Class and receive counseling and training in Money Management, Parenting, Attitude Awareness, Nutrition and Other Life Skill Classes. STEPS counselors are available Mon-Thurs 9-2:45pm.

GCM provides a GED class for anyone wishing to get a High School Diploma.  Must apply in person Monday-Thursday 9am-2:45pm. Best time to apply is 1-2:45pm. Program upgrades and scholarships for the new 2016 GED course and testing sponsored by Gethsemane Lutheran Church.

Anyone wishing to have help locating a job in the area can stop-by or call 352-271-1115 for available times. We will help you with the search and prep for local jobs.

 Prayer and spiritual counseling available anytime upon request.



Provided to clients after evaluation.

Every Thursday night. 6-8 pm. Walk-ins welcome. Located at 1621 SW 13th Street, upstairs in the CVS. Call 273- 6112 for information.

 Human Trafficking

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