GCM Volunteer Team-
Together we can make a difference!

Help us build something great as we contribute to the success of others. We are looking for people who want to make a difference.

Volunteer Opportunities

Job Search Counseling - Helping clients search the local job data bases. Interview coaching and resume preparation. Time commitment: a 3 hour shift every week

Interview Rooms - talking with clients who are in crisis and who are seeking services from GCM. Duties include talking with clients, entering their information into the computer, and providing additional information on other GCM services. Time commitment: a 3 hour shift every week

Food Pantry - stocking shelves, unloading donations, putting together food bags and handing out food to clients.

Time commitment: a 3 hour shift every week

USDA Food - People to help hand out food to people 2 Mondays a month.

Time commitment: a 3 hour shift


S.T.E.P.S. Counselor - a willingness to help people work through their crisis. Developing an Action Plan and holding the clients accountable for reaching desired goals of self-improvement. On the job training is provided.

Time commitment: a 3 hour shift every week


Bible Study/STEPS Instructors - General Studies, Money Management, Health and Nutrition, Character/Leadership Development, Parenting Skills. Instructors teach skills based on Biblical Principles.

Time commitment:  (1-2 hours) a week at GCM, a local church, or other organization in the community.


Dental Clinic - Dentist (can get 1 CEU credit for each 1 hour of service),clinic receptionist, interviewers, and coordinators.

Time commitment:  A 1/2 day each month, quarter or year


Administration - Office workers to answer phones, data entry, mailings, etc.

Time commitment: a 3 hour shift every week


Marketing and Public Relations - volunteers who can write press releases, send emails, produce newsletters and brochures, create displays, and maintain scrapbooks.

Time commitment: Variable

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